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Quality Assurance

Company Certifications

The group was certified by ISO 9001 in April, 2001; ISO 14001 in September, 2002, QC080000 in September, 2007 and ISO/TS16949 in January, 2008. OHSAS18001 in June 2011.

Quality Assurance

“Secured Quality and Sustainable Development” is our business philosophy We control the quality of products through strict compliance with ISO9001 certification ,ISO14001 certification, QC080000 certification and ISO/TS16949 certification. And we have been approved by many world renowned certification organizations, such as TUV of Germany, SGS of Switzerland, ITS of Britian and others. We have received safety certifications from the relevant authorities in 31 countries and other jurisdictions, which fully guarantee the management systems can be efficiently executed.

We have established the relevant complete testing and laboratory centers for different products in the subsidiaries. In respect to environmental protection testing, we introduced American Varian ICP715 、GC/MS 4000、UV-Vis、Japan Shimazu EDX 720 low toxicity testing instruments, that can make qualitative and quantitative test for harmful substances. In respect to electrical performance testing, we introduced TDR, N/A, Digital Signal Generator, and established a high frequency electrical lab., which can be used to test properties such as attenuation, delay, babble, impendence and guarantee electrical properties of high frequency signal cables such as HDMI, DVI, RGB, S-ATA, USB3.0, IEEE1394 and LVDS etc.

In respect to mechanical property testing, we introduced Sclerometer, 2.5 Dimension, X-ray Thickness Measuring Machine, Bending Tester, Automatic Insertion Force Machine etc. They help guarantee the satisfaction on the products service life and products quality under every required extreme condition. In respect to environmental testing, we have instruments for salt spray testing, vibration measurement testing, heat and cold impact testing, constant temperature and humidity testing etc, these ensure the products meet the clients’ rigorous  service environment demands. Besides this, we have also built up a microwave darkroom facility for wireless antenna testing in 2010, and have built up a macromolecule experimental center for plastic products. The entire system of detection, experimental equipment and senior industry quality assurance talents will ensure that the product quality of every subsidiary will reach to an international leading level.

Through years of accumulated practice, we continuously perfect the quality control and production technology. The customers have faith in our product quality. Adhering to the principle of “setting quality as the life of the enterprise and putting customers first”, we aim at satisfying customers’ demands as well as providing customers with high-quality products at low-prices and all-round excellent services.

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Gas phase chromatography and proton spectrum tester Network analyzer X-ray fluorescence spectrum analyzer
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