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Weihai Honglin Electronic Co., Ltd. was established and commenced RGB cable assembly processing business.

Weihai Honglin Electronic Co., Ltd. commenced supply of external signal cable assembly used for monitor display units under our own “Hong-Lin” brand to LG with all raw materials and parts sourced by ourselves, which signified our successful transformation from a processing enterprise to a company capable of design, development, manufacture and sale of external signal cable assembly products with its own brand.

Weihai Honglin Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. was established and commenced manufacturing its own wire and cable products which are the raw materials used in the assembly of connectors for the production of cable assembly products.At this time we also took the first step towards implementing a vertically integrated business model starting from the production of plastic materials, drawing of copper and processing of wire & cable into finished cable assembly products.

Changshu Hongbo Telecommunication Technology CO.,LTD.commenced operation in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, marking our successful penetration into the Yangtze River Delta of China, a major consumer electronics manufacturing and distribution region in China.Changshu Honglin Connecting-Technology Co., Ltd. commenced independent research and development and production of terminal connector, symbolizing our comprehensive startup of our own connector business.The subsidiaries of our group have received certification for QC080000 and implemented European Parliament directives such as ROHS, WEEE and REACH so as to rigorously ensure that the materials could meet international environmental standards.

Changshu Honglin Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. commenced manufacturing RF cables, and was recognized by a leading global-brand name notebook manufacturer as a qualified supplier of RF cables for use in their notebook computers.Weihai Honglin Electronic Co., Ltd. was recognized as a Shandong Province Advance Technology Enterprise by the Department of Science & Technology of the People’s Government of Shandong Province.

Weihai Honglin Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. obtained the certification for TS16949, representing our ability to meet international standards set for the automotive industry in our manufacturing of automotive cable products.Changshu Hongbo Telecommunication Technology CO.,LTD. successfully developed the relevant technology for the production of LVDS cable assembly becoming one of the few manufacturers of internal signal cable assembly widely used in notebook computers in this industry.Weihai Honglin Electronic Co., Ltd. was approved by the Department of Science & Technology of the People’s Government of Shandong Province as a Shandong Province Technology Research Center for High Frequency Signal Transmission Engineering.We completed our internal research and development on environmentally friendly low smoke halogen-free insulating materials used for cable jacketing and received recognition from Underwriters Laboratories in relation to such materials, which is an international environmental standard.

Changshu Honglin Connecting-Technology Co., Ltd. established the FFC Department and commenced research,development and manufacture of FFC assembly primarily for use in LCD and LED TV.Shenzhen Honglin Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was established to engage in design, development, manufacture and sale of wireless antennas primarily for signal transmission use in notebook computer and mobile handset, representing our first entry into the wireless telecommunications industry.

Honglin Technology Co., Ltd., international marketing center and antenna R&D center was established in Taiwan to expand our sales and marketing efforts primarily to target more overseas customers and to engage in research and development work on antennas and connectors used in mobiles handsets, notebooks, GPRS systems and network communications (including routers and network cards).

HL group established European and America sales team, developed world-wide customer included Apple, Dell, HP. Successfully developed Thunderbolt cable and become the world's exclusive capable manufactory of independent development and production Thunderbolt cable.Established high speed cable R&D department, developing high speed cable, including MHL, Mini-SAS, QSFP+ etc.Weihai Honglin Electronic Co., Ltd joined with Harbin Chemical Technology Institute to research and develop new polymer materials, established research center to develop halogen free insulation material.Successful acquisition of Huizhou Dayawan wire and cable company, strategy expand the business group in South China
Meanwhile research and develop fiber cable, special wire and energy fields.

HL group established Dezhou Jingchen Automotive Electronic Co., Ltd., production step in automotive area.

HL group established wireless communications business division which as Changshu Hongbo Telecommunication Technology CO.,LTD. is the core and base on Taiwan, Shenzhen R & D. Determined the basis for the Group's business areas will be gradually developed to the wireless.
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